Best. Decision. Ever!

After receiving a glowing referral from a close friend who had experienced amazing results after working with Sleeperific, we decided to contact Krista. Best. Decision. Ever! Our son (6 months) was waking every 2 hours through the night and would only nap for 20-30 mins in his crib. Life was becoming very miserable. Having read copious amounts of books/websites/articles and listened to conflicting advice, we really needed a personalized sleep program, and the support to implement it. Krista was nothing short of amazing…and I mean AMAZING! Within a day (yes, 1 day!) of implementing the personalized sleep routine, our son was sleeping for over a nap per nap in his crib! Our son is now sleeping through the night and taking all of his naps! Working with Krista has been a life changer and a sanity-saver. Krista has maintained the highest level of professionalism, calling exactly when we scheduled and keeping email contact. I would HIGHLY recommend Sleeperific. Parenting can be hard work and having Krista’s support has helped beyond words. Thank you Krista for your knowledge, wisdom and kindness.