Turns out our son is a happy, delightful baby…. he was just really tired.

Hiring Krista from Sleeperific was the best thing that my husband and I have ever done for our baby.

Before calling her, my son (5 months old) was taking one 3-hour nap from 7:45am until 10:30am in his swing with a soother and not napping again until 3pm for about 45 mins in his car seat. He woke up at night every 1.5 to 2 hours for either his soother (which he was VERY dependent on) or his bottle. I rocked him to sleep every night while enduring him screaming, kicking and crying anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. I was so exhausted and worst of all resentful of my son and having some serious regret over the whole decision to have a child. It was horrible and I felt constantly guilty about these feelings!

After hiring her and having a very thorough consultation, she put together an easy to follow plan for us that was not only clear, but also gentle and effective. Within three days my son went from essentially not sleeping to putting himself to sleep for 3 consistent naps a day (in his crib without a soother!!!). At night now, he goes down from 6:30pm to 7pm for the night, waking only once to feed which was my decision to keep in (Krista has given us the tools to effectively wean out this feed in a safe and gentle way if and when we decide to do so).

Best of all, my son’s moods have dramatically improved during the day and he is even performing the milestones that he wasn’t doing before (such as sitting up and rolling). I always thought that I just had an incredibly fussy and difficult baby. Turns out, he was just really tired!

Our family is so much better rested, so much happier and now able to really enjoy this time.

I cannot stress enough how much we valued working with Krista and how incredibly professional, calm, attentive and flexible she was with our needs and wants. I highly recommend hiring her. She has changed my perspective on my son and allowed me to enjoy my maternity leave. Thank you Krista!!!