We Believe…

  • That sleep doesn’t seem to be a big deal. . .  until you begin to go without it.  We know better sleep means a better mind, energy and overall health.
  • Allowing a child to learn to fall asleep independently is a gift that will last a lifetime.  Children can learn to trust themselves, develop confidence in their own abilities and believe “I am capable.”
  • Children who sleep better, feel better.  And children who feel better, do better; in their learning, in their development, in their social interactions and in life in general.
  • It’s our job to practice non-judgment.  We know how hard being a parent is and how much harder it can be when you’re sleep deprived yourself.  We know how much you love your kid.  We know parents always want the best for their kids.  And we know you’re doing your very best.
  • Having a well rested family is one of the best ways to have a terrific family.