Co-sleeping just wasn’t working anymore

March 20, 2015

We decided we wanted our bed back.  But I was completely resistant to the idea of a sleep consultant.  I was convinced the only tool they had was to let your children cry it out.  But I knew that there was a better, more rested and happier parent in me who needed to get her family back in working order.

Krista provided me with her wonderful advice, but also her generous and kind support.  She was very respectful of our wishes to avoid crying.  She devised a plan that we were all comfortable with.  And it was completely successful!  Both our children are sleeping independently and instead of dreading bedtime and the drama that went along with it, we now look forward to those times.  Not only that, but I feel better, I’m a better parent and a better person because we’re all sleeping well.  Thank you so much for giving us our lives back!