Overtired baby

March 20, 2015

When my son, Jacob turned 6 months old, I decided that since he STILL wasn’t sleeping through the night and his naps never lasted more than a half hour, I would enlist the help of a professional. It just so happened that that week I received an information sheet about kids and how important a good nights sleep is for them. On the back of the sheet was Sleeperific contact information. I started thinking about contacting Krista. I finally sent out a desparate email at 5:30 one morning begging her for some help. She actually got RIGHT back to me, calling at 7:30.  I enrolled with the program and after finishing a detailed questionnaire, she sent me back a 10 page Sleep Plan!  I was so excited to start this and I finally had some hope!!

It wasn’t even two days before I started noticing a difference!  I was able to put Jacob in his crib with out much crying – before I would to rock him to sleep every time he went down.  He then started sleeping through the night (other than one night feeding) – before he was getting up every 2-3 hours.  A couple weeks after that, he’s started having longer naps! Slowly we were getting our life back!!  Thanks to Krista and Sleeperific, our family is finally sleeping through the night!  Not only that, but Jacob is napping longer than half hour spans.  I work from home, so it is very important for me to be able to sit down and actually get some work done.  Krista was there to help me anytime I needed it, whether it be emailing a few times a day or calling and having her call me right back.  I really did lean on her completely for support during the ‘sleep training’ process and she was always uplifting – especially after a long trecherous night!  I wish I would have contacted her right away and had her work with us from birth. It’s amazing the difference support and knowledge can make!  I would suggest Krista’s services to anyone and everyone with  a child. . .  and I have been!