Two boys tag teaming all hours of the night.

April 15, 2015

I just wanted to take a moment (while BOTH boys are asleep at the SAME time…. woooo hoooo!) to thank you so much for all your guidance and support over the past two weeks.

When I first contacted you, I was struggling so much with Samuel’s sleep and was spending my days tired and resentful. I wasn’t enjoying the time I had with him because I felt like he was ALWAYS awake.

Within a few days of starting your program, I could see the changes taking place. For me, the biggest change has been knowing there are BREAKS in my day – whether it be with both boys sleeping, or with Owen awake, I get a BREAK from having two kids all.the.time. And the value of this to my sanity I cannot even express.

I’m that mom — the one who loves her kids fiercely, but who also struggles with the weight of knowing that I’m it. I’m the mom. The one these two boys will look to and run towards every day of their lives until they’re grown, and even after that. The weight of that is so heavy some days, especially in the thick of breastfeeding and sleepless nights and temper tantrums.

So, thank you. For restoring my sanity and providing my family with real life tools to encourage, promote and protect the sleep of these two little munchkins.

We ALL say thank you.