February 25, 2015
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Using Child Alarm Clocks – Advice from an Expert

Also known as behavioural clocks, these are helpful tools for communicating time to children who aren’t quite ready to tell time with conventional digital or analog clock. Most often, behavioural clocks function by using a light or image to communicate a time for sleep and a time for waking.

I use behavioural clocks most frequently for early morning wakings, but also for children who are having night wakings or even families experiencing bedtime battles. There are MANY behavioural clocks on the market, they’re all good (although none are great… if anyone is looking into designing one and would like some kick a$$ features from the thoughts of someone who lives and breathes pediatric sleep, please call me) and they will all be effective if parents can implement them correctly and consistently.  It’s less about which clock you use, and more about HOW you use it.

I’m not a product pusher. I think we can all make due with less. If you’re interested in re-purposing things you may already have around your home, consider an old radio alarm clock (set to a quiet, classical station or children’s CD) or those Christmas light timers to turn on a lamp or nightlight in your child’s room.  Just make sure they’re out of reach because I have yet to find a preschooler or toddler who won’t press buttons, flick switches or turn dials.

Whatever you decide to use, make sure to lay the groundwork.  These are some guidelines specifically for use of the GroClock.  It’s probably the behavioural clock I encounter and recommend the most often because it’s fairly inexpensive, simple and usually easily available from some good online vendors (what busy, tired parent has time to go out and shop?).

6 Simple Steps

1) Ensure your child is 3+ years OR you’re 100% convinced they would be able to understand a behavioural clock. Remember that children under the age of 3 tend to be very impulsive. If you’re questioning whether or not your child would be able to comprehend it and follow it’s message, don’t use it. What we do here is set children up for success… ensure they could be successful with this clock before you make the decision to introduce it.
2) Follow the instructions. Make sure you’re proficient in using the device before you show it to your munchkin.
3) Explain how your child is to use it. “Until the yellow light comes on, we need to stay quietly in bed and try to go back to sleep.”
4) Also explain that it’s very grown up and your child is not to touch it (even though you know they will). Use the “locking” mechanism as well. Kids love to press buttons. Make sure they aren’t going to reset it or change the time on you.
5) Turn off the backlight. It’s backlit and yes, I’m asking you to turn it completely off. At night, there’s a blue backlight with a star, at the wake up time, there’s a yellow backlight with a sun. You can dim the night time backlight, all the way to off. Use this clock with the backlight off!
We know blue light can have a melatonin inhibiting effect, which is counter productive to circadian rhythms. Our bodies (especially our children’s bodies) need to produce that melatonin to get the maximum benefits from a long, restful sleep. The yellow light will still turn on and sun will still come up when the night time backlight is off.
6) Celebrate your successes, but don’t dwell on failures.  “I am so happy that you were able to stay in your room until the sun came up. You must be so proud of yourself!”  If it didn’t work out, be kind, but firm in encouraging your child to follow their sleep manners and stay in bed quietly until their sun comes up.  If aren’t able to follow all their sleep manners, a simple “it was hard to stay in your room this morning, but we can try again tomorrow.”  Move along, there’s no need to discuss it further.

Remember that a behavioural clock is only a tool in the parenting toolkit. Parents are responsible for using and enforcing the tool appropriately.

If you find you’ve followed all of the above and are STILL having trouble with your child going to sleep and stay asleep until morning, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Sleeplessness and early mornings do not have to be your normal.

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February 10, 2013

Taking the work out of supper

Does this ever happen at your house? It’s an hour before your family usually sits down to eat and you have no idea what you’re going to have for dinner. Yep, me too. I get flustered, run through recipes in my head, open the fridge door and stare blankly, hoping to find that miracle ingredient to pull it all together.

I do my best to be organized and meal plan. Nothing fancy, a pen, a paper a list of what we’re going to eat from Monday to Friday, but I slip up every now and again. I like to cook, I really do. But sometimes the day just doesn’t go as planned and there just isn’t time (or energy) left to prepare a meal from scratch. And any parent out there knows that quick trips to the grocery store (with 2 kids in tow) are OUT of the question.

Combine all of this with the early bedtimes and calm environments I usually advocate for all my Sleeperific families? Aye yi yi.

Enter Superworks to save the day.

Photo 2013-01-31 5 23 04 PM Photo 2013-01-31 5 21 32 PM

Supperworks quite literally takes the work out of supper. They do all the meal prep for you.  Everything is chopped, cut, portioned. You just put the ingredients together in a baggie, label it, take it home, put it in your freezer for future use. All you have to do is defrost, follow the instructions on the bag (directions for defrosting, final prep, cooking and even suggested sides), add your own side (or Supperworks can do that for you too!) and away you go.

Photo 2013-01-31 5 20 16 PM Photo 2013-02-10 1 30 11 PM

Supperworks is a GREAT way to maximize those precious minutes you have with your family at the end of a busy work day. I can guarantee it will minimize your stress, ensure a family oriented and tasty meal, all while keeping bedtimes on track track for busy, professional families.

Find the Supperworks location nearest you: www.supperworks.com

Use the discount code ‘SUPPER’ for $10 off your next order.

August 17, 2012

Product Review: The Baby Roll Asleep

I thought this was a joke.  But it’s real.

It’s a wagon.  For your infant.  So you can roll them to sleep.  For more hilarity watch Mom’s Using Roll Asleep.  I promise, it doesn’t disappoint.

Under no circumstances should you buy this product.  None.  Nada.  Nyet.

I can think of many other fab ways to invest $79.95.  Like, I don’t know, maybe a sleep consult?!

For the love of Pete, contact me if you think this is a clever product.