Day 6 Giveaway Sleeperific Sleep Consultation

December 6, 2015
12 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY by Sleeperific

On the sixth day of Christmas, my sleep coach gave to me:

Infant Sleep Consultation from Sleeperific

This consultation is focused on building on a skill that’s already there.  By the time mature sleep patterns roll around, you’ll have been practicing all the skills necessary to create a capable, independent sleeper.

Enter below from now until December 12.

Winners will be announced here on December 14th, 2015.
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6 Responses to “Day 6 Giveaway Sleeperific Sleep Consultation”

  1. Baby is 8 monks, I’m soooooo tired! Gotta get this babe sleeping through the night.

  2. I am currently 7 month pregnant so sleep is becoming more uncomfortable… and my 2 year old has decided to be awake for a couple hours in the night for the past week. One full nights sleep would be nice 🙂

    • I wonder if sleeplessness during pregnancy has a real evolutionary purpose – so our bodies get some practice with going back to sleep, and even acquiring some sleep sensitivity (so we wake up more easily) that goes along with over tiredness?!

      I hope you’re using a good body pillow! And let me know if I can support you with that 2 year old – wily toddlers!

  3. My baby is 8.5 months and is not sleeping! Some help would be wonderful!


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