Day 11 Giveaway Necklace Bracelet Set by Teething Bling

December 11, 2015
sleep coach

Teething Necklace & Bracelet Set from Bambino Land

I wasn’t aware of these fabulous necklaces and bracelets, until I was gifted one from a client.  What a genius product!  These are great bracelets and necklaces for Mama to wear, but teething-baby friendly.  These products are an entirely safe way to soothe and entertain that child who wants to put everything in their mouth.

We also love Teething Bling, because it was started by a Mum, just like us. They support organizations like Dress for Success and is environmentally and responsibly made without PVCs or phthalates.

Enter below from now until December 12.

Winners will be announced here on December 14th, 2015.

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4 Responses to “Day 11 Giveaway Necklace Bracelet Set by Teething Bling”

  1. Lindsay Slothouber

    Most helpful tip for a teething baby – lots of cuddles. Not much else really helps 🙁

    • Just a thought, but our naturopathic doctor recommended something called “Hyland Teething Tablets.” It’s a homeopathic remedy and seemed to be helpful for my own kiddos and some clients have noted the same.

  2. My teething babe gets lots of cuddles, camilia homeopathic treatment and a bib to catch the drool!


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